Rockwave Pro


Product Description


RockWave Pro: Stronger, Longer Vibes

The RockWave Pro is an innovative targeted massage device that administers a safe, non-noxious stimulus to the body via the skin and surrounding tissues. Based on the speed, depth, and duration, the RockWave Pro can improve range of motion, enhance warmups and speed up recovery. The RockWave Pro comes with a variety soft and rigid treatment heads that allow for a more comfortable and/or targeted treatment experience. Its design features an ergonomic grip and weighted core to amp up the treatment experience for all—heavy enough to provide effective pressure and light enough to use for hours. Simple, powerful, versatile solution to physically taxing bodywork.


  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance warmups
  • Speed up recovery.
  • Injury recovery/prevention
  • Pain mitigation
  • Mobility


  • Five treatment heads:
  • Two soft: one features soft-edged corners to allow for a variety of treatment methods and target areas and half dome head is intended for less intense, lighter bodywork.
  • Three rigid plastic heads. one targeted plastic head is intended for pinpoint accuracy in hard-to-reach treatment areas, one half dome head is intended for less intense, lighter bodywork, five knobs allow for deeper soft tissue work.
  • Three microfiber cloth caps allowing for less downtime sanitizing tools between patients.
  • A durable plastic lid
  • A charging cord.
  • Features four adjustable vibration levels. The light on the handle indicates the level of vibration; click the red button to change speeds and power off.
  • Sleek padded carrying case.