Posture Medic ORIGINAL Posture Correction Device



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Posture Medic Original Strength

From the moment you put on the Posture Medic, you will feel the results. The device instantly teaches patients how to correct their unique posture. The back plate provides a gentle reminder each time they start to slouch. The Posture Medic does not force you into the correct position, instead it is a proprioceptive reminder to correct your posture. Over time patients will re-train their muscles and improve their posture.

Most posture braces do not improve posture. Instead, they force the body into position, weakening and creating atrophy for the very muscles patients should be strengthening. Posture Medic does the opposite. It works with the body to strengthen and re-train muscles. It creates as a gentle reminder to re-engage the muscles in the neck and thoracic region to correct  posture. The Posture Medic can also be used for stretching and strengthening exercises.


  • Works with the body to strengthen postural muscles
  • Patients feel the results instantly
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Can be used by persons 12 and up
  • Easy to use at work, home, school or while driving
  • Can be worn and/or used for stretching and exercising
  • Bag is recyclable, re-sealable and has hole for peg
  • Comes with bilingual, fully illustrated user guide 
  • Save when you buy in cases of 5
  • 2 free brochures are available per unit


Sizing Chart

  • Posture Medic should not force you into position (too small)
  • Posture Medic should not pinch or cause strain in your armpits (too small)
  • You should be able to bend & twist your body and lift your arms like you normally would
  • You should only truly notice the device when you are misaligned and feel the back plate as a reminder
  • If you are between sizes on the chart, choose the larger size



Important: This size chart estimates shoulder girth based on an average body type for the heights and weights. If you are extremely petite or extra broad, you may need to factor that in when assessing your size. For best results, try on the Posture Medic before purchasing.

Original Vs Plus Strength

The majority of new Posture Medic users should choose the Original Strength. It is less resistant and therefore more comfortable to wear. Persons who are extremely petite or obese may require PLUS strength to provide the correct support or resistance. PLUS strength however, is generally reserved for those who have graduated through the exercise program and now require more resistance to continue strengthening the postural muscles.

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Weight 1.10 LBS
Width 6.50 Inches
Depth 10.50 Inches
Height 2.00 Inches
Warranty 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects
User Manual English French
Spanish Manual Download
German Manual Download
Italian Manual Container Download



Q: Who should use a Posture Medic?
A: Most people can benefit from Posture Medic as most of us have poor posture habits that can be corrected. It can be used at home, school, office or while driving.
Q: Is Posture Medic clinically recommended?
A: Posture Medic is recommended by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and RMTs as these professionals often see patients with pains that relate to poor posture.
Q: Is Posture Medic a posture brace?
A: Not really. Although you can wear it, the goal of the Posture Medic is to re-train you versus forcing your body into a set position. Typical braces often weaken the muscles involved with good posture.

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Large – Yellow, Medium – Green, Small – Red, X-Large – Black, X-Small – Teal


Each, Case of 5


No Brochures, English, French


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