Client of the Month: Spencer Crowe

August’s Client of the Month is Spencer Crowe, an avid golfer, volleyball player, and Financial Analyst with the Canadian Government. Spencer is currently studying to attain his CPA designation while balancing work and life.


Golf, Volleyball, Hiking, Badminton, & Swimming.

Why did you seek Applied Kinesiology care?

Originally sought out of curiosity, and how the benefits one receives through various Applied Kinesiology techniques can vary from person to person. I have always benefited from Chiropractic care, and wanted to explore a unique avenue for continued positive bodily health. Applied Kinesiology has benefited me greatly, and I’ve noticed immediate results. I feel better both physically, as well as mentally.

During the Month of January, 2017 I took a ski trip to Whistler, BC.  I had a pretty severe ski accident that injured my knee, making even simple tasks like tying my shoes very difficult.  Like most people, I believed if I ignored the injury it would go away, but this was not the case.  In discussing my ongoing pain, I was reassured that Applied Kinesoiology was an avenue worth pursuing, and I subsequently booked my first (of many) appointments.  Within a single visit, my knee felt better and I had full mobility, the likes of which I didn’t have prior.

What benefits have you seen since starting Applied Kinesiology Care?

My mind feels clear, and I have felt more focused when performing my work responsibilities. When playing both competitive and recreational sports, I feel more confident and agile. I will be a lifelong supporter of this approach to bodily health and encourage others to try it for themselves.

Last book you read

Giftology – Cut through the Noise, Increase Referrals, and Strengthen Retention

Favourite movie 

The Wolf of Wall Street

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