Client of the Month: Sam Sabourin

July’s Client of the Month is Sam Sabourin, Strength & Conditioning Coach / Director at Between The Bumpers in Stittsville, ON. Sam is an ex-Queen’s University Football star, and has been described as the best football player never to play pro, after declaring himself ineligible for the CFL draft. He has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and lectured at multiple universities, early in his career, and is now doing some great things for competitive athletes and regular people alike!


I enjoy a wide array of activities, some of which include getting Outdoors, going on hikes, and trying to stay active. When I’m not Outdoors I’m usually in the weight room, Olympic lifting, strength training, or doing other forms of fitness. My more leisurely activities include reading, web design, and a little bit of coding although I’m not very good at it!

Why did you seek Applied Kinesiology care?

I looked to add Dr. Bryan to my larger Healthcare Alliance because he was able to offer my athletes, and myself out of here preventive, and rehabilitative treatment strategies. As a busy strength coach you often don’t get the opportunity to take care of yourself, so using a service like Nobility Chiropractic, allows me to take the time to put myself first. Additionally, having Dr, Bryan work with my athletes, has helped us to improve our service as a strength and conditioning Center. Our athletes see less injuries and better performance outcomes.

What benefits have you seen since starting Applied Kinesiology care?

I find that I now have lower instances of neck and back pain. While also having more energy and vitality during the day. I feel significantly better, it supposed to coach and athlete!

Last book you read

Money Sesne: Guide to the perfect portfolio. This book has since been discontinued, but offers fantastic passive investment strategies, if you can get your hands on it it’s an absolute must read for Canadian investors!

Favourite movie

The Intouchables

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