MB Thermavibe, Heated and Vibrating Massage Ball


Product Description

Add some warmth to your recovery routine with the MB Thermavibe. The MB Thermavibe is a vibrating massage ball with an added, yet optional, heating element. The easy on/off switch allows for a versatile warm-up or recovery experience, with or without heat, and the spherical shape enables multi-directional rolling to help engage and loosen stiff or tight muscles. The MB Thermavibe was designed with dual vibration and heating technology to improve blood flow, soothe pain, and reduce muscle stiffness. The high-density silicone protects the vibrating and heated core, and the 4-inch shape makes it an easily portable recovery tool. The controllable 3-speed vibration mechanism allows for a more customizable recovery experience and can be used as part of any warm-up or recovery routine. Best for those looking for one tool that does it all, the MB Thermavibe can even be used without heat and / or vibration as a simple recovery tool as it can provide targeted muscle relief on almost any part of the body.