The Top 10 Benefits to On-site Chiropractic Care:

A company’s employees are its largest investment. If it makes sense to have IT specialists to ensure that computer systems are running optimally, bookkeepers and accountants to make sure finances are in order, and lawyers to ensure legal ventures go as intended, why wouldn’t your company want to optimize its workforce as well?

It’s become less of a secret that a happy, healthy workforce is a more efficient, more effective workforce. One of the best ways to achieve a happy, healthy workforce is a corporate wellness program with an on-site chiropractic clinic – this isn’t just an investment in your employees, but also your company – often with a larger return than the investment.

Here are the top 10 Benefits to On-site Chiropractic Care:  

  1. Fewer / No barriers to entry to care
  2. Reduced time employees spent away from work
  3. Fewer sick days
  4. Reduced Workplace Accidents
  5. Reduction in WSIB payments
  6. Increased employee satisfaction
  7. Reduced Employee Turnover
  8. Reduced Retraining costs
  9. Increased productivity at work (reduced presenteeism)
  10. Improved Morale

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Fewer / No barriers to entry to care

If the goal is to have the happiest and healthiest workforce possible, it should be as easy as possible for employees to begin care. Having an on-site, employer-sponsored clinic means that employees don’t have to plan around leaving work for an extended period of time, or schedule their home life to accommodate an appointment. And with no direct cost to the employee, there are very few reasons for an employee not to begin care.

And while this sounds like it’s focused on only the employees, remember that there are significant benefits to the company when most or all employees are under care.


Reduced time employees spent away from work

Employees leaving the workplace for appointments interrupts workflow, and depending on the time and place of the appointment, this impact can be hours to a day away from work, and then an additional period of settling back in to work with reduced efficiency.

On-site clinics mean that an employee never has to leave the workplace, (and at least one study has shown that having an on-site clinic indeed does reduce the number of time employees spend away from work1), meaning not only is there is less tie away from work, but less interruption to the employee’s workflow.

Fewer sick days

One large company noted that within 2-years of implementing an on-site chiropractic clinic, sick days dropped 22%(2). Sick days come with a substantial cost to a company, making up a significant part of payroll expenses and also costing the company in terms of lost productivity.


Reduced Workplace Accidents

Anheuser-Busch again noted that within 2-years, the company’s accident rate dropped by approximately 50%(2). A reduced accident rate not only means a more safe work environment, but less time lost, less costs associated with repairs, and fewer WSIB claims, with the added benefit of reduced time away from work and less paperwork.


Reduction in WSIB payments

With a significant reduction in the accident rate, Anheuser-Busch was able to reduce their WSIB payments by 25%(2) – a further return on their investment in an on-site clinic.


Increased employee satisfaction

A thorough report produced by a large supplement manufacturer in the United States, Standard Process, noted that their corporate wellness program, which includes an on-site chiropractic clinic, was associated with increased employee job satisfaction(3). Employees feeling that their employer values them and their well being can go a long way towards creating a positive work environment.


Reduced Employee Turnover

Employees more satisfied with their jobs, especially jobs that include benefits that may be difficult to find elsewhere, are less likely to leave(3). This means that employees will stay longer, gain more knowledge of their position and will ultimately be more valuable as employees.


Reduced Retraining costs

If fewer employees are leaving, fewer resources need to be allocated to hiring new employees and retraining these employees(3).

Increased productivity at work (reduced presenteeism)

With employees having less pain and headaches to distract them from work, being at work and in a workflow more often, staying with the job longer and being happier at their workplace, it comes as no surprise that while at work, employees in corporations with an on-site chiropractic clinic are at their best – and can be more productive during their work day(3).


Improved Morale

Employees with fewer aches and pains, better posture and better workplace ergonomics are more likely to be happy(4). And an employer offering onsite healthcare shows that they value their employees. Overall an onsite chiropractic clinic can help to foster a more positive work environment where both employees and management will be happier to spend their time.

If you’d like to learn more about how on-site chiropractic care can help your company with all of the above, click here to get a complimentary consultation.





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