Reducing Office Temperatures to Improve Cognitive Performance

Reducing Office Temperatures to Improve Cognitive Performance

It’s been a hot summer, but keeping cool at the office can be an important part of helping your employees keep their cool, and their performance.

A 2014 study showed that high temperatures in the workplace have a negative impact on attention span and reaction time. A 2018 Harvard study amongst students had similar findings, students who had access to air conditioning scored better on tests measuring selective attention, processing speed, cognitive speed, and working memory. The AC group were exposed to temperatures 4.9 degrees celsius lower than the group without AC (21.4 degrees vs 26.3 degrees).

This means that by keeping the office a few degrees cooler you’ll be getting better performance from your employees. Helping those employees that are present be more productive can be a big deal in a business, especially during the summer when many employees are away on vacation.

While reducing temperatures can be one quick, simple way to help reduce workforce inefficiencies, there is always more that can be done! For help with Workforce Optimization in your office, please fill out our corporate contact form.

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