Make Your Friendships Better This Summer – With Water

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and I’m out of town at my parent’s house, sitting here on the deck overlooking the trees, and chugging a bottle of water to get ready for my day outdoors. There’s a little pinch of sea salt in there to help me absorb it better, I don’t love the taste but I’m willing to make sacrifices.
That got me thinking, with all these hot days, and great hiking weather, I just need to put out a friendly reminder that you too should drink some water!
Most people (and this probably includes you) won’t recognize they’re even thirsty until they’re at least 1-2% dehydrated. For most people, this means the’ve lost somewhere around a litre of water!
This can happen pretty quickly, you can sweat that litre out within an hour outdoors hiking. Having lost that litre of water, you (or more likely whoever you’re hiking with) might notice some changes, like being more irritbale, angry, fatigued or having mood swings.
Which probably doesn’t make you a great hiking buddy.

Be a good friend. Drink some water before you go. And then drink some more while you hike.

Happy Saturday!

Dr. Bryan

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