Client of the Month: Jessica Webster

June’s Client of the Month is Jessica Webster, an Online Marketing Professional ( and Co-Owner of the Meraki Collective in Smiths Falls, Ontario.


Cooking, self-inquiry, self-mastery, and exploring the cosmos.

Why did you seek Applied Kinesiology care?

Years of weight lifting with a poor mobility practice plus more than a decade of sitting at a desk staring at screens has deteriorated my posture, movement, breathing, and my mindfulness.

What benefits have you seen since starting Applied Kinesiology Care?

I’ve seen a radial transformation in the smoothness of my movement thanks to weekly tuneups. The periodic emotional recall sessions are great for keeping my mind clear of clutter and chatter.

Last book you read

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Favourite movie 

Anything with Jim Carry <3 He’s one woke individual.

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