Fixing Your Limp Handshake

I’ve previously talked about the strength gains that can be seen following an adjustment, however, I’ve had some new thoughts on the matter. While I tried to summarize the findings quite objectively, I realize that I did not think through the potential implications of these studies. While different studies have measured the impact of an adjustment on the activation of different muscles, at least one such study used muscles in the hand.

Last time, I talked about the implications for athletes, but what about the non-gym effects of this hulk-like digit strength? Does anyone know where I’m going with this??

What would this mean for someone with a wet-noodle of a handshake? (It’s in the title, I would hope so).

Imagine being more confident and more inspiring in your handshake. You’ll no longer be a crying shivering mess at the prospect of introductions! Acing interviews and meeting your girlfriend’s dad will come with ease, there won’t be any more anxiety keeping you up at night about having to shake people’s hands.

Instill confidence and trust in the people, clients, friends, and in-laws you meet through your handshake. Get that promotion. Sell that propane and propane accessories. Don’t be like George Bush. Get adjusted for a better handshake.

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