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January 20, 2019
Why was I in Costa Rica?
March 22, 2019

Client of the Month: Jeffrey-David Depatie

February’s Client of the Month is Jeffery-David Depatie, a retired Tier-1 Special Forces Operator turned entrepreneur. Since retirement, Jeff has taken on many projects, including The Process,  and creating The Meraki Collective, a co-working space in Smiths Falls.

Being ex-military, Jeff’s responses are, focused, short and to the point, but insight into the mindset of a Special Forces operator are always interesting. If you want to hear an expanded take on Jeff’s life, you can check out his feature on SOFREP radio!


I spend a lot of my time focusing on concentration/contemplation/meditation.

Why did you seek Applied Kinesiology care?

Longevity . Sustainability. AK is an integral part to a holistic approach to health.

What benefits have you seen since starting Applied Kinesiology Care?

I feel more centred. Less neck pain. Better skeletal alignment

Last book you read


Favourite movie 

Anything by Christopher Nolan

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